Smack Your Senses

Exceptional Heat

PepperSmack LLC is a family owned and operated specialty pepper manufacturing business in Allen, TX.  Its flagship product was initially a Thai Chili Pepper Paste, a unique recipe formulated and refined over several years by its founders and owners, who grew up loving hot peppers and spicy heat with their food.  What the founders realized was there was no other comparable paste product in existence that they could find.  PepperSmack Thai Paste is a concentrated pepper product and is hot  It is not a salsa and has no tomato base.  With the lid off the jar, one can turn the jar upside down and nothing spills out.  This paste can be used in soups, spaghetti sauces, tamales, or any other prepared food to add heat.  It can be used as a spread or condiment on sandwiches, sausage biscuits, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken strips, or any other prepared food, or it can be used, as the founders primarily use it, plopped on the plate to eat along side any other food, as one might eat a pod of pepper with the meal.  Thus became the name “PepperSmack.”  A “smack” is defined as a distinctive flavor or taste, a suggestion or trace, a slap, a smattering or small amount.  You take a smack of paste and “plop” it in the food, on the food, or on the plate.  It gives a suggestion or trace of flavor, but nothing that distorts or compromises the flavor of the food being prepared or eaten, and it gives you a smack of heat, the intensity of the heat being controlled by the user.  The size of the “smack” depends upon one's heat tolerance, so the user can control how much heat one gets by the size of the “smack”.


Exceptional Quality

After years of making PepperSmack for our family, we are now bringing it to your table! We strive to source the best quality ingredients from quality sources. Our concentrated Pepper Paste and All Natural Exotic Pepper Dusts, Flakes, and Coarse pepper are made of the finest quality ingredients available. All our peppers are GROWN IN USA  with exception of our imported Thai chili.  All our products are produced by us in North Texas. We strive to sell only what we would offer to our family and friends!!