PepperSmack's Sauce Gift Basket

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PepperSmack’s Sauce Gift Basket: this gift basket is an ideal gift for one who likes the spicer things in life.  It consists of THREE (3) of PepperSmack’s best pepper sauces, i.e. PepperQ (the “Golden Chili” first place winner at Zestfest 2014, BBQ hot category), our Fire Lime Sriracha, PepperFudge, or our Thai Pepper Paste (the company’s flag ship product), which are placed in a nice gift basket and then shrink wrapped.  Call or email us to identify which three products you want included in the basket.  You can also add any of our pralines to the basket.  These have to be purchased separately.  Simply let us know in the email or call that you want the pralines included in the basket.  This basket is an excellent gift allowing one to sample and become acquainted with genuine Texas products, made locally and from scratch in the Allen, Texas area by PepperSmack, LLC.

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