PepperSmack™ PepperQ™ Spicy BBQ Sauce - Chocolate Habanero (Hot!) - 1st PLACE AWARD WINNER - 3 PAK

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PepperSmack™ PepperQ™  is a savory, mouthwatering BBQ sauce with a kick.  Originating from an old Texas family recipe, Pepper Q provides a traditional, flavoursome, sweet BBQ experience, but now with added zest - just enough pepper heat for a nice habañero burn.  Expect a pleasantly stimulating, awesome taste experience.   For use as a marinade, basting or topping for meat cooked in the “Bar-b-que” style. My daughter puts PepperQ on almost everything she eats!
Our PepperQ™ received the coveted Zestfest 2014 "Golden Chile" 1st Place Award and the coveted Zestfest 2015 "Golden Chile" 1st Place Award. Zestfest is a nationally recognized annual fiery food festival.
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