PepperQ™ Spicy BBQ Sauce - Chocolate Habañero - AWARD WINNER!!

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Our PeppeQ was the Zestfest 2014 "Golden Chile" Award Winner - 1st Place and the Zestfest 2015 "Golden Chile" Award Winner.  What is this award? (see below).

PepperSmack™ PepperQ™  is a savory, mouthwatering BBQ sauce with a kick.  Originating from an old Texas family recipe, Pepper Q provides a traditional, flavoursome, sweet BBQ experience, but now with added zest - just enough pepper heat for a slight burn.  Expect a pleasantly stimulating, awesome taste experience.   For use as a marinade, basting or topping for meat cooked in the “Bar-b-que” style.

Our PepperQ was the Zestfest 2014 "Golden Chile Award" winner - 1st Place, and the Zestfest 2015 "Golden Chile Award" winner.  It also won a coveted "People's Choice Award" at the 2015 Zestfest.  (This product was not entered in 2016 and 2017. What is this award? The Fiery Food Challenge at Zestfest is a competition that invites hot, "really hot", spicy and zesty foods and fiery food-related products to be submitted to a group of fiery food experts for evaluation. Those submitting are vying for the prestigious "Golden Chile Award"- one of only two "fiery" food awards that stand out in the United States.

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