PepperJelly - Habañero - AWARD WINNER!!

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We have renamed our "PepperJam" to "PepperJelly". Why? Because it's a jelly and not a jam. This product is a sweet pepper spread, made with fresh habañero peppers, with a sweet, tangy taste.  PepperJelly is thick but smooth, with thin slices of soft habañero peppers to chew on.  And it’s hot!  This jam spreads easily and can be used for everything from topping a toasted bagel, spreading on cream cheese and a Triscuit or on a sandwich, to adding a sweet center filling to a buttery bar cookie or cheesecake. This pepper jelly is even wonderful eaten directly from the spoon.  If you are a pepper lover that likes a combination of sweetness and heat, this product will truly “smack your senses”.

This product won the coveted "Golden Chile" Award at the 2015 Zestfest.  It's truly a great 1st place winner.

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