Kraken Scorpion Salsa - NEW PRODUCT!!

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A fire roasted "super hot" salsa made from whole peeled tomatoes, seasoned with incredibly fiery kraken scorpion peppers, lime juice, garlic, lots of cilantro and other special seasonings. The kraken scorpion pepper is a cross between a Bhut Jolokia Assam and a Chocolate Scorpion and measures over 1 million Scoville Units. This new hybrid has floral and fruity flavors with some earthy undertones.  PepperSmack's Kraken Scorpion Salsa has a wonderfully fresh flavor with the heat you're looking for. Expect a scorpion type burn. This salsa is a fruity, herby, complex and completely addicting, fantastic salsa. VERY HOT!  Kraken Scorpion Salsa will take your tastebuds to a higher level. Be prepared to hang on for the ride of your life. You are going to fall in love with PepperSmack’s Kraken Scorpion Salsa.

Pour it over eggs, fajitas, tamales, stews, foiled potatoes, grilled been, roast chicken, or grilled fish. Use it as a dip for tortillas, chips, and breads, and as a topping for quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, or antojitos (snacks).
And remember the health benefits. Salsa is a heathful addition to a balanced diet. It’s low in calories and contains little or no fat. Many of the ingredients contribute vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes, chiles and cilantro contain vitamin A and C. Tomatoes contribute potassium and lycopene. The chiles contain antioxidants, Vitamin C and carotenoids, in addition to capsaicin. (See “Health Benefits From Eating Hot Chiles” in our Website “News” section.)
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